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VoidØ started with Maha Vajra, a philosopher, graphic artist and music lover, who plays with computer generated music and images since his early teens. about 30 years ago. He mostly just wants to have fun.

Although he experimented with electro music, he started composing out of love for cinematic music. His first productions were symphonic orchestra, with opera and choirs to sing the various holy chants he wanted to enjoy with a more dramatic feel. Since he is fond of science and philosophy, and there really is no orchestra, Void Ørchestra was a fit name for his musical project.


Over the years, some of his students asked him to do electronic music. He played around with electro, and now has a few amateur albums out. He started using the diminutive VoidØ, as it fits more with his modern clientele. Today, Maha focusses mostly on 3D graphic arts.

Digital poetry, focused on experiences rather than technique, VoidØ is driven by a profound desire to make you feel… Something!  :)

He is but an amateur, and he enjoys it that way.

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